Get Access Token

To acquire an access token and initiate your first API call, follow these steps:

Before you begin, ensure that you have the Developer Admin Panel enabled for your account. You should locate a button labeled “Developer” (or “Utvikler” in Norwegian) at the bottom of the main navigation left-side menu on the 24SevenOffice Home page.

If you do not have the Developer admin panel enabled, contact the 24SevenOffice API team.

1) Log in to the Developer Admin Panel and select Create Application.

2) Complete the required application details, then click Create.

3) Once the new OAuth2 application is created, click Configure to view the application credentials.

4) Navigate to Scopes, choose the necessary scopes from the dropdown list, and save changes.

5) Proceed to Settings and copy the Application ID.

6) Authorize the application to access your organization’s user account details based on the previously selected scopes. To do this, visit the 24SevenOffice Home page and select Integrations under Administration in the main navigation left-side menu. You will be redirected to the Integrations Admin Panel where you manage integrations for your organization account. Click Connect Application.

7) Paste the Application ID, accept terms of usage and scopes. The application is now connected to your organization's account.

8) You are now prepared to obtain an access token for your organization. Utilize the application’s credentials (application ID/client ID and client secret) along with login hints for the organization. You can find the application’s credentials in the Developer Admin Panel, and the login hint for the organization is usually provided by your future integration users. Your organization has already been connected in step 7 and it is your first user now.

The endpoint for obtaining an authentication token is: POST

9) Define the application’s client_id, client_secret, and login_organization. To access client_id and client_secret, navigate to the Developer Admin Panel and click Configure for the application. For client_id, insert the value from "Application ID / Client ID" and for client_secret, insert the value from Client Secret.

An access token is associated with an organization account. To obtain an access token tied to your organization account, visit the Integrations Admin Panel, click Configure for the application connected to your organization’s account, and from the Info section, copy the Organization ID to paste it for login_organization.

10) Finally, send an API request with all the credentials and receive an access token in the response body.

The access token is valid for a single organization. If you intend to access multiple organizations, steps 6 to 10 should be repeated for each organization.

To obtain an authentication token for accessing 24SevenOffice REST API resources, you can utilize your code, development environment (Visual Studio, JetBrains, etc.) extensions, or employ API tools like Postman. You can also explore the 24SevenOffice playground at using the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Flow.

For the purpose of further demonstration, we proceed with Postman. Access Postman here: If you are new to Postman, refer to this guide to help you get started: Postman Overview

Include your application’s credentials in the request body. A convenient way to do this in Postman is by switching to "x-www-form-urlencoded", enabling Bulk Edit mode, and pasting the following:

client_id: [insert from Application ID / Client ID]
client_secret: [insert from Client Secret]
login_organization: [insert from Organization ID]

Now, send the request and receive an access token in the response body.