Status & Errors

Our API returns status codes and error responses to help developers understand the outcome of their requests and troubleshoot issues that may arise.

Here are the most commonly used status codes and error responses:

  • 200 OK - The request was successful and the server was able to return the requested data.

  • 201 Created - The request has been fulfilled and a new resource has been created.

  • 204 No Content - The request was successful, but there is no response data to return.

  • 400 Bad Request - The request was malformed or invalid and the server cannot process it.

  • 401 Unauthorized - The user is not authenticated and the request cannot be processed until they are.

  • 403 Forbidden - The user is authenticated, but they do not have permission to access the requested resource.

  • 404 Not Found - The requested resource could not be found on the server.

  • 500 Internal Server Error - There was an error on the server while processing the request.

  • 503 Service Unavailable - The server is temporarily unavailable and unable to process the request.

Please note that each status code may come with additional information in the response body to help developers understand what went wrong and how to resolve the issue. We recommend reviewing the response body for each status code to get a better understanding of the error message.